Saturday, May 11, 2013

Duck Dynasty Connection

  This is a post I have been intending to make for some time now. Many of you are aware of the Duck Dynasty hit show on A&E Cable. I'm sure many of you are fans of the show.
  Our connection is this: our son, Dave, is Merchandising Manager for the Lifeway store chain, headquartered in Nashville. They are working with the Robertsons to handle a number of their books and such in the Lifeway stores. Dave and some co-workers recently made a trip to Louisiana to meet with the family. Here is Dave with Phil and Miss Kay in the kitchen of their home, and with Uncle Si.

Happy, happy, happy !

  These folks are the real deal. Although many of the situations on the show are staged, the people are exactly who they are; good, decent, Bible believing, straight forward folks.
  I have read Willie and Korrie's book "Duck Commander Family" and I am currently reading Phil's book "Happy,Happy,Happy".

  Here is a link to a U Tube video that Lifeway made of Phil speaking from the porch steps of their modest home. It has over 1/2 million hits.

Duck Dynasty - Phil Robertson speaks

 All in all, it's an amazing story. Their season finale show recently was the highest rated show on cable or broadcast TV for that evening. It's good to see success for a clean, family and God centered show.

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  1. ray tanner i checked out your blog ,looks like heaven what a beautiful part of the country compared to this desert in the southern part of the peoples republic of ca. how many cows? nice garden, you are blessed and deserve it. all is well with us gene terrell