Monday, September 9, 2013

Winding down Summer

  Hot and dry. That is us recently. Mid 90s all this week and not a drop of rain in 3 weeks and very little if any in the forecast. We have been watering what garden remains as well as young trees and shrubs. The maple in the front yard is turning colors already.

  We used to have 2 trees like this maple in the front yard but lost one to wind this summer. I chose the best sprout and tied it to the remaining trunk. I keep all the other suckers trimmed off. We'll see if it gets enough root down to survive.

   We planted several hybrid Poplar shade trees because of their fast growth. The downside is that they are susceptible to fungus and such and are losing leaves early. Messy!

  The garden is down to tomatoes, okra and cucumbers. I pulled the summer squash and very little sweet corn remains. The tomatoes look really good and we are picking daily.

Husky cherry tomato

Big Boy


  This is the sorry remaining corn. You will remember that all of my late season corn blew over in the wind. I left it all and have been harvesting a little. The ears are small but tasty. I cut down one bunch an hour ago and fed to the cows. I salvaged just 4 small ears from it, so I just finished them off a little bit ago. My always dieting wife declined so I had to eat them all! I wet a paper towel so it is very soggy, roll the ear in it and microwave for a couple minutes per ear, depending on the size. Butter, salt and yumm!!

  There are maybe a half dozen nubbins on this little patch and then that's it. I need to remember for next year that the Peaches and Cream variety, which I really like and will replant, matures before the silk really looks mature. So it is easy to let it go too long. 
  This heat makes working outside a pain. Just as well, as I tweaked my back while string trimming last Friday and haven't recovered. Very sore and cramping muscles. 
  I hope the end of summer is treating ya'll well.


  1. After I'd done today's gardening chores, my husband said I was walking like an old lady. Possibly because I am an old lady? LOL, it sure is easy to pull those muscles.

    I don't think my fall corn is going to amount to much. I wish I'd planted a different variety. It's awfully hard to tell when this kind is mature. The silk looks dry and brown long before the ears are filled.

    1. Yes,something about string trimming just twists me up.

      They say you're only as old as you feel. Today, we feel pretty old, hey?

  2. I'm sorry you hurt your back. I'd head to a good chiropractor! Cold front coming in this weekend so maybe we'll have some relief. We've had a couple of good overnight rains here lately. Will you be fixing fried green tomatoes with those you have left? I always chop green tomatoes up in sautéed okra, onion, and celery too! I always meant to try a green tomato pie but never got around to it. Now I'm off pies so probably never will!

    1. Rita has been going to a really good chiropractor, but he doesn't take Medicare, so I can't go and she can't after Oct. 1. We asked him to recommend one who takes Medicare and he couldn't !
      There have been some rains around us recently but they all missed us! It is thundering as I write this, but....may be all noise again.
      The tomatoes are still ripening up well so we haven't thought much about green ones yet.
      What a sad thought to be "off pies" !!