Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A New Toy

  So we went shopping for a lawn mower and came home with this beauty. Decided to go for the 6o inch heavy duty model and use it to keep the front pastures trimmed which means we'll go ahead and sell the John Deere tractor and bush hog. They delivered it this morning and I took a few trial runs around the pasture. Learned right away that the zero turn will take some getting used to. And the top speed of 8 mph is way too fast for a slightly bumpy field!! But it is a grass gobbling monster.
  The garden is definitely in late summer mode. Still getting sweet corn, Fortex green beans, sweet peppers, cucumbers and some tomatoes. The butternut squash is about ready to harvest and store. The watermelons and pumpkins are a bust. Won't plant those again; what little we eat annually of those 2 things can come from Kroger or Wal-Mart. I still have a lot of cornstalks to cut and compost, then start preparing the garden beds for a winter rest.
  We need rain badly....very dry. Storms the past few days were supposed to bring 1-1.5 inches but we only received .3".
  Our son Dave is about ready to open his new store in Murfreesboro. Called Christian Publishers Outlet, he will offer over 25,000 new discounted Bibles and books. I'll make another post when he is open in about 10 days.
  This is the second week of school and Wendy is again teaching 3rd grade at Blackman, Katie is a freshman at Eagleville, Jackson has started 5th grade home schooling and Brittany starts at Middle Tennessee State U.
  I saw the cardiologist yesterday for a follow-up and will see the oncologist tomorrow. 6 weeks of radiation treatment will start very soon. I'm feeling better after 4 weeks post chemo, but my feet are still bothering me a lot and making it difficult to walk.
  Until next time, stay well!


  1. That's a nice mower!! We've been considering a zero turn mower for awhile, but haven't yet made the move. It would save time but then I'd have more weed eating to do.

    1. Yes, this big one doesn't do edges very well. We are keeping the riding mower.

  2. That looks like one serious mower; looks to be very well built - heavy duty. Also glad you continue to gain strength and are slowly improving overall! Don

    1. Thanks, Don! Great to hear from you.