Sunday, July 13, 2014

Great Garden Harvest Continues

Closeup of zinnias and glads in the front garden bed

Beautiful sunset after a 1" rain last week

The Honeydew melons are just loaded with large melons

Cantaloupe are a bit later but loaded as well

Summer Slice cucumbers are plentiful and tasty

We are inundated with sweet corn. Seems it is all maturing earlier than suggested maturity date. The Cloud Nine is the best followed by Peaches and Cream, then Kandy Korn. I won't plant Spring Treat or Quickie again. I pulled about 50 nice sized Walla Walla sweet onions this week, like this one.

This is after 3 minutes in the microwave, then I enjoyed it!

The Butternut squash are loaded too

The near row is butternut....I count 10 visible in the picture.

Medical Update
  We had another great report last week...the cancer marker test declined again down to 527 (originally 36,000 and a month ago 1788). Just 500 points to the normal range now! Praise God!  Chemo continues.


  1. Great garden and great news!

  2. I'm so glad to hear your counts are going down!!
    Your garden is amazing, and that sweet corn makes my mouth water! Too bad the rest of my family doesn't enjoy it. :( Don't know why their taste buds didn't develop properly!!!